Acting out, destructive tendencies, self-harm—these are all problematic behaviors in children, teens, as well as adults. The underlying cause of this behavior is painful and most often hard to face. People need to heal from emotional hardships in order to move forward. That’s why HopeSpoke is here.

We provide a comprehensive array of services designed to meet the mental health needs of those we serve including: crisis and residential care, extended day treatment, outpatient services and school programs.

Our team understands the importance of early intervention and treatment of emotional, physical, and/or environmental trauma. The idea is not only to help people to engage in healthier behaviors but to help them heal from the pain, restoring hope for a better tomorrow.

With HopeSpoke, no one is denied services due to the inability to pay and there is a discounted sliding-fee schedule available. To get started with services, contact us.