Sally is a 15 year old high school student, who sought out therapy services to help with mental health issues she has been experiencing as a result of trauma from physical, emotional and sexual abuse she endured in her childhood. These mental health issues have had a significant impact on her day to day functioning and activities in life. Sally experiences extremely high levels of anxiety, flashbacks, irritability, and has been unable to have someone stand behind her without becoming fearful. Some of her goals include working to identify triggers and coping skills she can utilize to help her more effectively manage anxiety and depressive symptoms she experiences, as well as improving self-esteem. In addition to these goals, Sally also has a goal related to the trauma she experienced growing up, processing these experiences, identifying how this has had a negative impact on her mental health and completing a trauma narrative. Sally has felt minimal support from her parents in regard to the unresolved past trauma, however has reported recently noticing a slight improvement from her mom.

Despite the abuse Sally endured and the lack of support she felt, she has somehow managed to be successful in school, and has been recognized as gifted. Since beginning therapy, Sally has been able to utilize writing and poetry to help her identify thoughts and feelings that she has a hard time finding words for, and has shared some of these writings during sessions. She has begun using this poetry in competitions, and won first place in her most recent one. She has also received several invites to compete in upcoming competitions in the future. Therapist has collaborated with the school social worker on several occasions in an effort to help advocate for Sally, and what can help minimize her anxiety symptoms in the classroom; particularly when she is triggered. Sally continues to be very invested in therapy services, and is working hard on achieving her therapeutic goals identified.