‘Nick’ started services with HopeSpoke through the Extended Day Treatment program last February with behaviors that included physical fights with classmates and teachers at school.  He would also run away from school when feeling upset and would hurt himself.  Nick continued in the program even once the pandemic hit our community and worked hard on his treatment goals.  Through this hard work and the consistent involvement of his mother, Nick was able to be discharged from this intensive day treatment program last August.

At the time of discharge, he was no longer being aggressive toward others, nor engaging in self harm toward himself.  He transitioned to HopeSpoke’s Outpatient Services initially having therapy sessions twice a week and is now down to one session each week.

He continues to be actively involved in his therapy and uses a journal every day to explore his feelings and struggles instead of running away, hurting himself and others.  He is exploring deeper subjects of anxiety management and using self-kindness every day.  With this developed insight and skills, Nick will be discharged in the near future to be able to live a healthier, more joyful life that every child should have!