“It’s so nice to be a spoke in the wheel, one that helps turn, not one that hinders.” – Gertrude Bell

For the last 70 years, our number one goal has been to make the community a better place – full of happy, hopeful, healthy families. With this purpose in mind, our 2017 planning process drove us to the realization there was a disconnect between our name and the true nature of our work.

The words in “Child Guidance Center” simply don’t embody the inspiration and hope we strive to instill. Every day we empower and nurture children, families and adults struggling with mental health and trauma in their lives. The time has come to accurately and authentically reflect what we do and carry that into the next 70 years.

On November 8, our name will officially be HopeSpoke. “Hope” evokes a feeling of promise and possibility, while “spoke” depicts progressing together, in the same way a spoke helps a wheel advance onward.

Our new tagline, “Inspiring Children & Families to Move Forward” speaks to our belief that you can go into the world better and healed, despite obstacles.

The HopeSpoke brand is moving us forward. Nothing will stop us from continuing to play an invaluable role in providing children as well as adults with the skills to feel empowered and be successful.