It’s Giving Tuesday!  

Today is Giving Tuesday and your gift will provide support for Teddy and George, HopeSpoke Therapy Dogs who provide much love and comfort to children and adults!
Please help HopeSpoke raise $1,000 or more to help provide dog food, trips to the groomer to keep them fresh for petting and hugging, ongoing veterinarian visits and supplies to clean their teeth and keep up with their special health needs.  And of course we need to purchase dog toys to help them stay active!

A gift of $60 will pay for a trip to the groomer and a gift of $100 will provide food for a month for George and Teddy.  For more information or TO GIVE YOUR GIFT NOW!

Special thanks to Finley Peterson and McKael Gollin for volunteering their time and expertise to provide the social media for this campaign.  You will want to like us on social media today to see some great photos and videos that were produced by McKael’s company, Rampant Media.  Finley and McKael are both students at the University of Nebraska.  

Children Love to Walk George

 The joy of watching a small child walking George through the halls is amazing, especially since George is part Saint Bernard,” shared Katie McLeese Stephenson, Executive Director.  

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